• Human Asia creates multi-cultural networks to collectively address regional
    human rights issues and support collaborations between activists from across Asia
Our Programs
East Asia Young Activists Networking Program/EU Policy and Outreach Partnership/
Youth Human Rights Clubs/Community Leader Scholarship Program/Global Vision Scholarship

East Asia Young Activists Networking Program

  • Human rights advocates in Asia have typically lacked common cross-regional platforms linking countries together to address specific problems unique to the continent
  • The East Asia Young Activists Networking Program is directly designed to address this lack of consolidation. The EAYAN Program seeks to help rising activists work collaboratively and holistically towards finding solutions to pressing human rights concerns in East Asia.
  • By creating a professional interactive online and offline network, the EAYAN Program enables young activists to strengthen their capacities and fully examine the human rights agenda in East Asia
  • The program seeks holistic solutions to human rights issues in East Asia through its joint projects, campaigns, and constructive conversations

Human Rights Clubs

  • Human Asia’s human rights clubs support students who are interested in human rights issues to get more actively involved
  • Applications are accepted every March and September
  • Students gain human rights ‘sensitivity’ through various human rights-related activities such as human rights advocacy campaigns, fundraising and donations, UCC production, and volunteer mentoring sessions for refugee children
  • Human Asia also encourages our human rights clubs to further their understanding of human rights by providing them with opportunities to participate in Human Asia’s other human rights programs

Community Leader Scholarship Program

  • The Community Leader Scholarship Program supports North Korean graduate students who wish to study humanities or social sciences, so that they may become community leaders
  • The program provides academic support as well as workshops among the recipients for leadership and networking purposes

Global Vision Scholarship Program

  • Human Asia has been supporting young researchers specialising in human rights through its Global Vision Scholarship Program since 2011
  • The Asian region needs academic advocates who fight to resolve disputes and human rights violations by putting the people at the forefront of their work. Human Asia seeks to provide opportunities for continuous growth in this by assisting those who will dedicate themselves to international human rights and policy
  • Human Asia hopes the Global Vision Scholarship continually helps young talented activists to succeed and gain influence in the field of human rights across Asia and the world