• Human Asia conducts strategic and practical research to
    create a consensual basis on regional human rights
Our Programs
Asia Business and Human Rights Center (ABHRC)/Human Asia-SSK Forum Student Paper Competition/
Asia Human Rights Forum/SSK Human Rights Forums

Asia Business and Human Rights Center

  • The Asia Business and Human Rights Center (ABHRC) is an academic platform offering people-centered policies, recommendations and research for an end goal of harmony between diverse stakeholders and desirable human rights management
  • ABHRC ensures that companies, governments, academia, civil society groups, and international organisations can share necessary information, thus providing a win-win online and offline information-sharing community
  • ABHRC also provides an on-location one-stop-shop service for companies, including: human rights impact assessment and policy establishment, human rights management education and monitoring systems, relevant human rights research, grievance procedures, and operational support for human rights relief systems
  • The Center strives to create a world flexible to various paradigms by endorsing a practical database with the latest business and human rights trends, and global partnerships with international organisations

Human Asia-SSK Human Rights Forum Student Paper Competition

  • The Human Asia-SSK Human Rights Forum Student Paper Competition is an opportunity for students to develop skills needed by the next generation of human rights leaders for rights-related development
  • The competition allows students to engage in active discussions and share their insights on potential institutional, legal, and policy solutions to human rights issues in Asia

Asia Human Rights Forum

  • Human Asia has hosted the Asia Human Rights Forum on an annual basis since 2006. The forum seeks to conceptualise solutions on various regional human rights issues
  • Human rights activists, scholars, government officials and international organisations come together to identify and contemplate possible solutions to regional problems, and better understand trends in human rights research and strategies in Asia
  • By cultivating relationships with various stakeholders, the forums work towards establishing an institutionally-guaranteed human rights mechanism in Asia

SSK Human Rights Forum

  • The SSK (Social Science Korea) Human Rights Forum is an inter-university research group engaged in multi-year research projects on human rights from a social science perspective
  • Domestic and foreign researchers focus on human rights growth and improvement
  • The forum envisions to be a globally renowned hub for human rights research, education, and policy. The forum focuses on ‘establishing human rights information databases and incorporating systems into policy resolutions’ by communicating with various partners with diverse areas of expertise
  • Currently, there have been more than 60 human rights workshops. Leading human rights experts are invited to share their thoughts and lead discussions on various human rights topics
  • The annual Seoul Human Rights Conference focuses on enhancing human rights in Asia by bringing domestic and international scholars together and brainstorming solutions to human rights problems through detailed analysis and gathering experiences