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Meeting with Sorok Uni Foundation

Meeting with Sorok Uni Foundation On Tuesday 13 April, the Founder and Chairman Dr. Jae Jang of Sorok Uni Foundation met together with Human Asia to discuss and finalise our project plan conducted with support from KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) on 'Mitagating the Digital Divide in Disadvantaged Ethnic Mangyan Communities on Mindoro Island (Emergency funding support for the right to education during the COVID-19 pandemic). We also discussed further opportunities to work together on protecting the rights of the most vulnerable across Asia. This project will run for 3 years and will help150 students from Inawa Panaynep Elementary School and 100 students from Libagon Elementary School. We would like to thank Dr. Jang again for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit us, and look forward to a fruitful three years.


Field Survey with Mangyan Communities on Mindoro Island for 2021 Digital Divide Project

Field Survey with Mangyan Communities on Mindoro Island for 2021 Digital Divide Project From 15 - 19 December, Sorok Uni Foundation conducted a field survey on behalf of Human Asia in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro Province, Mindoro Island, the Philippines. Sorok Uni interviewed Mangyan parents, students and teachers, along with local villagers, to learn more about their thoughts on education, technology, and digital literacy. We would like to express our thanks once again to our partner Sorok Uni Foundation for helping us to conduct the survey, and hope that COVID-19 will improve enough for us to go with you next time! ⠀


Philippines Donation Campaigns for Families in Poverty: And They're Off!

Philippines Donation Campaigns for Families in Poverty: And They're Off! Thank you so much for your kind donations and support! ​Human Asia received over 1100 items of underwear items and 400 sandals to send to families living in poverty in the Philippines. 14 boxes of donated items will make their way to Manila on Wednesday by boat. After arriving in Manila, they will be distributed by our local partner Sorok Uni Foundation to families on Mindoro Island.


Mindoro Empowerment Project (2020.05.15)

Announcing the start of the Philippines Mindoro Island Ethnic Minority Empowerment Project. May 15th is the International Day of Families as designated by the United Nations. There are various forms of families today, and the notion of "family" is changing too. However, the importance of the family still carries unchanging weight. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to ensure that we still support vulnerable individuals and families. Human Asia launches the Mindoro Empowerment Project in celebration of the International Day of Families. We are looking for sponsors who will join our mission to bring light to the lives of Mangyan families with 30,000 KRW per month for the duration of 2 years. Support a family now through the link below. ↓ We look forward to your care and support!


Human Asia - Sorok Uni MOU

Human Asia signed an MOU with Sorok Uni Foundation, a local NGO in the Philippines, on 26 February, 2020 to carry out human rights-based development projects for the minority Mangyan communities of Mindoro Island. Sorok Uni Foundation was established on 25 April, 2002, and was founded by Jang Jae-joong, chairman of the Uni-Group, who has been in the shipping, mining, and trading businesses based in the Philippines. Sorok Uni is a combination of Sorokdo's Sorok and UNI, which means You and I. The Sorok Uni Foundation provides education, emergency relief, medicine, scholarship, and livelihood support to Hansen, the homeless, low-income people, and minorities in the Philippines. So far, about 400 scholars have been produced, and 5,000 homeless, child care facilities, and Hansen has benefited through Sorok Uni Foundation. Sorok Uni Foundation's local experience, know-how, and Human Asia's human rights-based development will meet to help both sponsors and beneficiaries participate as principal agents to achieve a better life. Official website:


Empowerment Project for Mangyan Communities on Mindoro Island, the Philippines

In 2020, Human Asia will begin human rights-based development cooperation projects in the Philippines. The first is the Philippines Mindoro Regional Mangyan Minority Community Independence Project. The Mangyan people are one of the indigenous people of Mindoro Island. Yet they are alienated from education and government assistance due to speaking a different language, and they are living without dreams in a vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Human Asia will systemically address ongoing issues and help the local communities solve basic clothes, food, and housing problems, and help them to shape their own lives. * What is the Mangyan Independence Project? By establishing connections between Mangyan families and sponsors, the Mangyan Independence Project helps to create a basis for self-independence and empowerment in local communities. Human Asia seeks to establish the basis for self-independence and empowerment within a given target period by helping Manyang families.