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And our winner is....

Ju Ryu! Ensemble (Together), 36 x 21 in, Acrylic Paint, 2020 Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our online art event. We still have lots of other online activities focusing on promoting human rights in Asia, so check our website to see more! Stay safe!


Artist: Jihu Jeong - PAINTING


Artist: Solbi Jeong - ILLUSTRATION


Artist: u.gang - ILLUSTRATION


Artist: Woohyung Cho - DRAWING


Artist: Yena Kang - ILLUSTRATION


'Activism Through Art: Unite Against Corona' Online Event

‘Activism Through Art: Unite Against Corona’ Online EventIntroduction & Objectives Millions of people around the world currently are living through incredibly tough times because of the rapid global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus has had a profound impact not only upon our health, but also on our home and work lives, our economy, our medical services, and the very way that we interact with each other. Although the virus itself doesn’t discriminate, communities such as those working in health professions, the elderly, those living in poverty and homelessness, migrants and refugees, and women are particularly vulnerable to the virus and its larger social effects. In such difficult times, we need to remember more than ever before our common humanity and human rights. Human Asia is therefore opening our Activism Through Art event to bring people together and promote a sense of comradery. The event is open for anyone and everyone of any age* to present their thoughts, ideas and emotions on the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, preventative measures on stopping the spread, and on supporting those most vulnerable to the virus and social intolerance. We accept any kind of artistic submission from drawings and paintings, digital art, photographs, sewing, or any other craft. Benefits All participants will receive a prize from Human Asia for taking part and will have their artwork posted on our SNS and website. The best submission will receive a special prize from Human Asia, to be announced at a later date. How to Participate: 1. Create your artwork 2. Submit your work to in high resolution PNG or JPG format (or a picture of yourself holding your artwork if possible!) along with an address for your gift** 3. Share and like your artwork when it’s posted on our social media! *Participants under the age of 15 should get parental or guardian consent before submitting their pictures. Please email for further details and questions.


Artist: Sewon Kim - DRAWING


Artist: Joo Ryu - PAINTING


Artist: Joy Lee - DRAWING


Artist: @jjangatart - ILLUSTRATION


Artist: Bereket Alemayehu- PHOTOGRAPHY


Artist: Jinwon Lee - ILLUSTRATION


Artist: Daeun Lee - DRAWING


Artist: Sarah Amour - ILLUSTRATION

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