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Introducing Human Asia's Children School (2019.05.10)

  • 2019.05.23
  • Admin

Do you remember the Jumma refugees from Bangladesh, now living here in Korea?  Last year on October 5 2018, Human Asia met with some of the Jumma mothers residing in Gimpo. Following that initial meeting, Human Asia has now started a new project with refugee Jumma children in Incheon and Gimpo, ongoing between May and September 2019 with the support of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. These children are often at the very heart of the socially vulnerable in Korea.

The ‘Human Children School’  gives these children the chance to learn about a number of different subjects, and to be inspired by academic experts and volunteers from diverse  professions and fields. Through learning about different aspects of society, the school helps the children learn more about their own selves and identities. The school further expects to encourage these children to manifest a positive outlook about their futures.

Whilst the school is aimed towards children, their mothers too naturally have an important role within the project. During the planning process for the school which began in February, Human Asia met with the childrens’ mothers to organise the project collaboratively. This joint meeting was an opportunity for all those involved to to brainstorm ways to get the kids actively involved in the school, and concluded with the content and schedule of the school being confirmed. Please support Human Asia in our work to create a society where every child can grow up into a happy and healthy citizen!