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Visiting Badikhel, Nepal and Arunachal India (2017.03.18~21)

  • 2017.03.22
  • Admin

Channgrok Soh, President of Human Asia, and Somi Kwon, Secretary General, visited the Human Asia Nepal Office in Badikhel.

After the earthquake from 2015 April, Human Asia conducted numerous campaigns and fund-raising activities to rebuild the destroyed houses in Badikhel. After looking around the construction sites and the village and donated bags and warm clothes from Patagonia and Neomio. Human Asia also delivered the signboards to the recipients of the rebuilt houses. 

While visiting Nepal, Human Asia went to a school for Jumma Chakma students in Arunachal Pradesh, India, through the Jumma People's Network Korea, located at Gimpo. Only 2,500 people among 50,000 Jumma residents in Arunachal Pradesh have citizenship, because the local government is relunctant at granting the High Court of India approved papers. They suffer from cases caused by the absence of citizenship; no right to vote, no birth certificates for newborns. From numerous government benefits, right to education is largely denied which led to the establishment of Sneha School for Jumma students. The Jumma people have much enthusiasm for education, and the Sneha School is producing excellent outcomes compared with other regional schools. However, the school is in much need to operate and function, and as the first visiting foreigners to register in Diyun (Arunachal Pradesh), Human Asia is planning to seek measures to support Sneha School in the future.