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Human Asia Interview with KOICA

  • 2020.10.23
  • Admin

Human Asia Interview with KOICA


On Friday 23 October, Human Asia had an interview with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on our new project proposal:  ‘Mitigating the Digital Divide in Education for Ethnic Minority Mangyan Students in the Philippines (Emergency funding support for the right to education during the COVID-19 pandemic)’. If successful, the new project will aim to resolve socioeconomic disparities of ethnic minorities through overcoming the digital educational divide and funding formal education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amongst the diverse potential measures to address socioeconomic disparities of ethnic minorities in the Philippines, Human Asia decided to focus in particular on enhancing the digital capacities of local students. This was primarily due to its compatibility with the goal of the Philippine government to ‘educate a future oriented generation for the 21st century’. The project also fits in line with Human Asia’s organisational goals to promote and enhance ‘digital rights’ in the new era of emerging technologies.  

Although the Department of Education under the Philippine government is currently planning to combine both offline and online classes for the 2020-2022, Mangyan students will likely be violated of their right to education within this system, as they lack digital infrastructure and face numerous difficulties with learning in a home environment. We hope that our new project will prevent young Mangyan students from facing this violation of their rights.