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EUM Research Institute Inauguration Ceremony

  • 2020.12.30
  • Admin
EUM Research Institute Inauguration Ceremony 

1On 29 December, Human Asia attended the EUM Research Institute Inauguration Ceremony via Zoom. Human Asia is supporting the establishment of the EUM Research Institute under our CLS Scholarship program, with several of our past and present students being involved with the institute’s research. 

EUM Research Institute is a research organisation composed of North Korean researchers with specialised knowledge and capabilities in various academic fields. Most of the researchers at this centre have experienced both the North and South Korean regimes, and therefore, above all else, pursue the principles of human dignity and democracy. The researchers combined their experiences in North Korea and their knowledge accumulated in South Korea to help them prepare for peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula.

After the respective staff members and supporters of the institute (including Human Asia’s Secretary-General Jeongum Choi) introduced themselves, the ceremony covered the background and inspiration behind the creation of the institute and its future plans for its official commencement in 2021. We wish the EUM Research Institute the best of luck with all its activities in the upcoming year.