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Human Rights-Based Development

Digital Technology & ICT

We protect digital rights and promote ICT education.
We support the UN Human Rights Council’s ‘New and emerging digital technologies and
human rights’ and strive to put their recommendations into practice.

What are Digital Rights?

Under Human Asia’s HRBA, digital rights refer to the right to extend and improve life
through ICT and digital devices as part of the concept of universal rights in the information era.
Global levelling and synchrony are now key concepts in the new technology era.
This means that digital development does not proceed sequentially as in other development
processes, but rather, can be seen as a simultaneous phenomenon.
As we use digital devices and ICT to augment our lives, however, we must ensure that usage
and access is guaranteed to all in the same way as all other fundamental human rights.

Construction of Computer Rooms and Support for Digital Classes

  • SNEHA School in India