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Human Asia

Transparency and Accountability
Human Asia is committed to using your valuable donations both transparently and effectively,
to protect and promote human rights at home and abroad.

Transparency and Accountability
Our Approach to Business Transparency and Operational Accountability

  • As a non-profit organisation, Human Asia strictly
    adheres to legal and regulatory obligations.
  • We establish and implement our own operational regulations
    as well as abiding by international agreements and goals.
  • As a human rights organisation, we apply human rights protection policies to all of our operations
    and use suitable indicators and evaluations to create impactful and sustainable human rights projects.
Openness and Accountability
  • Protect individual privacy

  • Procure financial stability

  • Keep private information secure

  • Conduct internal and external audits

  • Adhere to legal regulations

  • Internally manage organisation operations

The world we envision...
  • Fulfils the standards within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Has achieved and follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Forwards human rights globally by action from both sponsors and
    beneficiaries as their own autonomous agents

  • Implements more human rights friendly projects based
    on human rights protection policies

Our Management and Evaluation Systems

As part of Human Asia’s 2030 Vision, Human Asia strives to continually improve our evaluation system through utilising and evaluating our operational indicators, and ongoing monitoring.
We hope to demonstrate transparently how your continued interest and passion in protecting human rights directly results in tangible and sustainable development.
We use quantitative and qualitative indicators for both our advocacy activities and developments projects throughout the following process.

  • We research whether a project is needed

  • We review previous project implementation and results

  • We design customised project plans

  • We establish relevant indicators and goals

  • We apply Human Asia’s rights-friendly policies to our projects

  • We abide by our transparency and accountability guidelines

  • We monitor project progress and effectiveness

  • We evaluate project-specific indicators and goals

Our Code of Ethics
and Accountability

Category Content Details
Ethics and Accountability Organisational targets
and our 2030 Vision
  • Human Asia operates in accordance with our
    organisation code and targets and our 2030 Vision
  • Human Asia encourages active participation from all
    those involved with our work; for practical
    improvements in human rights across diverse areas
Human Asia Code of
All those associated with Human Asia - including our Executive
Committee, our staff, interns and volunteers - must adhere to
the Code of Conduct for transparent and effective human rights promotion
Operational regulations Human Asia adheres to all operational regulations of the
organisation (Board Regulations, Accounting Regulations, Staff
Employment Regulations, etc.)
Human Asia Human
Rights Protection Policy
All those associated with Human Asia - including our Executive
Committee, our staff, interns and volunteers - should pledge and
adhere to our human protection policy
Adhering to various
regulations and
international agreements,
fulfilling UN goals and
Regulations include: national and international laws and
regulations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN
SDGs, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, ‘New
and emerging digital technologies and human rights’, the
Principle of Accountability for Humanitarian Assistance, the
Fundraising Code of Conduct, etc.
Each year, we provide detailed reports on our financial operations. You can find the financial report for 2019 below.
We sincerely thank you for supporting Human Asia’s advocacy and human rights-based development work in 2019.
Human Asia Financial Report
January 1- December 31, 2019

Total Expenditures

Category Amount (Korean Won) Percentage (%)
Organisation Operational Costs 308,992,828 81
Public Relations and Sponsorship 24,001,835 6
General Management 47,524,942 13
Total 380,519,605 100

By Program

Category Amount (Korean Won) Percentage (%)
Campaigns 27,893,516 9
Education, Training, Scholarships 200,191,519 65
Humanitarian Assistance 60,478,305 19
Organisation Operational Costs 20,429,488 7
Total 308,992,828 100

and Accountability_
Human Asia Audit
and Reporting

External Affairs Internal Affairs
  • Jong-gu Yoon Accounting Office
  • Annual financial audits and audit reports
  • Participation in regular reporting as a
    registered non-profit organisation for
    the United Nations Department of Public
    Information (UN DPI)
  • Compliance with internal regulations
  • Execution of board audits, corporate audits, bi-
    monthly general meetings and annual overall
  • Bi-monthly and annual reports
Government Local Partner Organisations
  • Examination of Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs, tax offices, administrative
    agencies etc., annual report
  • Report of annual business performance,
    revenue, and expenditure to
    administrative agencies
  • Compliance with local laws and audits
  • Execution of audits and reports adhering to the
    local partner agency regulations
Click on the link below to view our past Activity and Financial Reports.
Download our Annual Activity and Financial Reports here.