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  • Benjamin H. Yoon (Founder of Amnesty International Korea)
  • Changrok Soh (Professor, Korea University Graduate School of International Studies)
Special Advisors
  • Joon Oh (former South Korean Ambassador to UN; Professor at Kyung Hee Univ.)
  • Bum Jin Park (Chairman, Research Institute for New Korea; Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights)
  • Surya Deva (Professor, Hong Kong City University; Member of the UN Working Group on Business & Human Rights)
Executive Director
  • Youngwan Kim (Assistant Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Supporting Committee
  • Jaseung Koo (Professor, Kobe University Graduate School Department of Economics; President, The Infinite Holdings, Inc.)
  • Somi Kwon
  • Kap-You Kevin Kim (Partner, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC)
  • Donghyeong Kim (President, Thomas Hospital)
  • Donghyeok Kim (President, Estate Coffee)
  • Min-Seo Kim (Professor, Kyungbuk National University)
  • Sooyoung Kim
  • Jung-Sik Kim (President, Easta Investment)
  • Jong-Yeop Kim (President, Intrans Shipping Co.)
  • Seunghyun Nam (Research Professor, SSK Human Rights Forum)
  • Hokeun Ryu (Lawyer, Kim & Chang)
  • Buhm-Suk Baek (Professor, Kyung Hee College of International Studies)
  • Chang Hee Soh (President, Kolon Foundation)
  • Jaekyung Shim (Professor, Korea University Graduate School of Engineering & Technology, Department of Engineering)
  • Ki-Woong Yang (Professor, Hallym University)
  • Hyekyung Oh (CEO, Hyocheon Hospital)
  • Daewoong Yun (Director, Seoul Duke Clinic)
  • Seony Lee (President, TTC Edu)
  • Yong Jin Lee (President, Hwasung Chemical Corp)
  • Jaecheon Lee (President, CDC Children’s Dental Clinic)
  • Jinyoung Lee
  • Sara Lim (Lawyer, Jaehyun Attorneys at Law)
  • Yu Chul Rhim (President, H&Q Korea)
  • Keunho Chang (Mirae Otorhinolaryngology)
  • Dongjin Chang (Executive Director, Powermax)
  • Seungho Jang (CEO, Lexus Joongbu)
  • Kang-Ho Jhe (Attorney, Kim, Chang & Lee)
  • Yoonyoung Cho (Professor of Choong-Ang University)
  • Yongno Jo (President & CEO, NeoMio Corp)
  • Youn Suk Ji (Honorary Senior Managing Director, Kyobo Life)
  • Kyung Kyu Choi (Professor, Dongguk University)
  • Youjung Hwang (Chairperson, Korean League of Women Voters)
  • Wonhee Hwang
  • Taehee Hwang (Professor, Korea University)
  • Jongku Yoon (President, Yoon’s Accounting Firm)
Steering Committee
  • Jeong-Woo Koo (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Sociology)
  • Kelly Kim (Lawyer, OpenNet)
  • Minwoo Kim (Research Professor, Korea University Human Rights Center)
  • Ryan Saeryeon Song (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University Law School)
  • Jinwon Lee (Research Professor, Korea University Human Rights Center)
  • Euihwan Cho (President, Design 54; Director, Visual Information Design Association of Korea; Executive Director, Raon Golf Club)
  • Yunjeong Joo (Senior Researcher, The Institute for Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University)
Advisory/Executive Committee
Our Advisory and Executive Committee come from a number of
diverse backgrounds. They advise and deliberate on Human
Asia’s project direction and policies.
Our Secretary-General oversees all of Human Asia’s daily
operations, and directs and guides projects under the
Development & Cooperation, Education & Advocacy and
Policy & Research teams.


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