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Mindoro Empowerment Project Sponsorship

The Mangyan people are a minority tribe who live on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.
Although the Filipino government has officially recognised minority languages,
there remains numerous limitations to fully incorporating minority languages in governmental and academic institutions.
Such linguistic discrimination results in the exclusion of the Mangyan people from educational and governmental support programs,
resulting in an ongoing cycle of extreme poverty and poor living standards.
Mangyan children therefore typically leave school early and get married at a young age.
Even Mangyan children who are in school continually struggle in reading and writing.
The Mangyan people urgently need support and resources.
Yet, they are often excluded from governmental and regional support as they cannot get access to the necessary information to do so.

According to Human Asia’s 2020 survey of Mangyan households :
• Approximately 23% (over 3 years old) cannot speak Tagalog*
• Approximately 53% (over 6 years old) cannot read or write Tagalog

*Tagalog is one of the official languages of the Philippines and the primary language used by governmental and academic institutions.

Mangyan villagers say they urgently need support.
They lack basic necessities such as food, water, medicine, school supplies, livestock and jobs.
There are families who do not have enough food to survive;
families who see their children suffer from high mortality rates and illnesses that are easily preventable,
and young villagers who face child marriages even though they are forbidden by Filipino law.

Even if we can’t solve these problems overnight, with your help, we can make a difference.
We can support their basic livelihood, keep children in school, end child marriages,
help young parents to dream again, and make a better world.
Our Empowerment Project is implemented in conjunction with other programs, and pursues sustainable self-reliance above all.


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